What is BusinessNameGenerator.com ?

Our tool is not for the worker bees ... it's for those who wish to leave the hive!

It's a free company name generator built by the wizards at Biz Name Wiz, Inc, a business naming agency who understands that ...

Great business names must have available domains!

How good is our generator?

Over 1 Million names generated to date!

+ 55,500 domain lookups per day!

Other notables include SPEED and PRIVACY. Our lightnening quick software is private, meaning we do not steal your domain name, business name or idea. We simply create the ideas and you can do what you want with them.

Bottom line ... BusinessNameGenerator.com is certainly buzzworthy, bookmark-able, blog-able and if stung with a BIZ NAME incorporate ASAP!


Biz Name Wiz, Inc.

About BNG

BusinessNameGenerator.com is a COMPANY NAME GENERATOR that is buzzworthy and bookmark-able.

We generate 1,000,000+ combinations and 50,000+ domain lookups per day!


We don't steal generated business or domain name ideas.

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