Legal Mumbo Jumbo

First and foremost, our tool at BusinessNameGenerator.com generates names that are FREE for the taking! That's what matters the most!


  • We do not steal your domain name, business name or idea. We simply generate the names and you're free to use them as you wish.

  • We do not guarantee the name is already in use. Due diligence is up to you.

  • We do not guarantee the domain or trademark actual availability, it's up to you to ensure and secure them.


  • We link our system to several external providers like GoDaddy.com and when you are on their respective websites obviously their policies apply.

  • We work with a provider for bulk domain lookups and do not guarantee accuracy and encourage research on your own.


The content found and names generated on BUSINESSNAMEGENERATOR.COM is free to the world. Although we cannot guarantee that any of this content is not already in use by inside or outside the United States, who may have seen it on this Web site or invented it independently of our Web site, you can use what you will of the contentsince it is here for the taking.

However, if you decide to use one of our names for a commercial activity, and since we have no assurance that the name may not already be in use by someone else as a trademark, domain name or otherwise, we strongly suggest that you take appropriate legal precautions, such as calling CorpNet Incorporation Services at 888-449-2638. And tell them BusinessNameGenerator.com sent you!

In summary, any necessary due diligence is up to you, but we at least make no claims on your potential future dream name. I just ask that if you do decide to use any of my content, that you email us at Info@BizNameWiz.com to brag about it, share a story and if you're cool with it ... let us help promote your new name on our site!

Cheers to a good name!

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We don't steal generated business or domain name ideas.

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